Sean Andrew, Kibaki's hot grandson loves mutura

  • Sean Andrew, 24, student of psychology and international relations at USIU, a model and an influencer came into the limelight during the burial of his grandmother the late Lucy Kibaki.
  • Kibaki’s grandson spoke to Heads Up about his love life, charity and new found fame

Did you always want to be a model and an influencer?

I had wild dreams of becoming a traveller or an astronaut but nothing too technical like being a doctor.

I wanted a progressive career that’s why being self-employed is my best bet. Modelling in Kenya is a thankless job. Early this year #PayModelsKE was trending.

Models are still exploited in the guise of “with experience, more jobs will come,” yet they have to cater for costs like transport and food. It is really frustrating.

I became an in­fluencer by default. Growing up, there wasn’t much attention on social media until recently, when I started modelling and decided to use my Instagram page as my portfolio.

People started taking interest and the followers grew to over 86,000. So, I decided to collaborate with lifestyle products, fashion brands and tech companies.

People love your signature dreadlocks; how long have you had them?

I always wanted dreads since I was eight, but my mum told me to wait till I was 18. When I turned 17, I started growing an afro and also experimented with cornrows.

In 2014, I started growing my dreads which involved a lot of crocheting.

Last year, I decided to shave on the sides because it was getting in the way of a lot of things and sold the locks for a lot of money which was donated to a children’s home over Christmas.

Do you speak ­fluent Kiswahili?

Yes. I am good at Kiswahili although sometimes people don’t understand text-bookish, Tanzanian-like Kiswahili. I also speak ­fluent Kikuyu and French. I don’t speak sheng so much because it evolves so fast.

Why did you defend President Uhuru’s son after he made his maiden campaign speech in Nandi?

He is my friend and I always defend my friends.  The attacks were quite unfair because he made an effort to speak to the public and people couldn’t accept his courage and I felt like I needed to defend him.

Do you see yourself joining politics?

Currently it is not one of the things I am interested in... But never say never!

Any projects you are working on?

I will soon be launching my YouTube channel where you should expect to see the raw me; my fans will get to see me in my events and mostly I’ll be doing more on men’s fashion.

The videos will be 10 minutes maximum and I will have weekly posts.

Are you dating?

No. My focus for now is just work. You know you cannot plan to date; it just happens naturally. You never know when love knocks on your door.

So who is your ideal woman?

She must have a personality, should not be taller than me, should speak languages I speak, colour and status don’t matter, but she should be street smart because she needs to know how to survive.

Being educated is not bad, but when you don’t know how to deal with life situations, then that’s bad. I’m not big on makeup either.

Sean Andrew

Your breakup with vlogger Elode was public, are guys you friends?

It’s been two years and we have learnt to forgive each other. We are both in a positive space right now.

I am happy where I am and I am sure she must be, so let things be as they are. We are friends.

What is your go-to fashion style?

I am into casual looks and once in a while, you will find me in suits. I do not believe in trends, so I don’t follow them.

Catch me dead wearing male rompers and crop tops. I rock a lot of black. My style is simply timeless.

What are you hobbies?

I used to play golf but I decided to drop it because university took much of my time. I had to find time for work and also hang out with my friends.

I love photography which I picked up in high school because it’s like therapy for me. One day, I might do a private exhibition. I also like to travel a lot.

What are your pet peeves?

Matatu drivers who drive recklessly and negative and confrontational people. I live by the mantra of keeping it positive, so I don’t feel the need to be rude and confrontational.

Do you have a strategy for the next two or five years to come?

I don’t like that question because it subjects you to feel like you have planned your life. I want to enjoy and experience the current moments of my life.

I am not a planner I like being in the now.

Your favourite food?

I love mutura and by that I do not mean boerewors.

It’s the traditional mutura. I like mahindi choma, sushi, pastas and Ethiopian food.

Can you cook?

I am a first-born in a family of four, so yes, I can cook steaks, pastas and I recently learnt how to cook ugali.

I can make a mean salad.

Are you a party animal or do you love staying indoors?

I enjoy going out but my friends prefer indoors and intimate company, so I am a little bit of both. I am a fan of DJ Kace, DJ Foozak and DJ Joe Kisila and so you will spot me in clubs though I am not a good dancer but I still do my moves.

I also love listening to blues, reggae, opera and Anime Japanese music.

What don’t people know about you?

I am a humble guy and that is because of the way I was raised. I love positivity and if a negative person approaches me, I keep off.

I love to give back to the community and I associate myself with organisations that address issues of depression, mental illness and