Nairobi's hottest matatu: Kasarani's Mustang boasts of a Dj


When a popular mathree plying the Kasarani-Mwiki route dubbed Mustang was involved in an accident sometimes back, its rivals thought this was the end of the road for the nganya.

But to prove that Mustang is a big name just like the American Sports car, Mustang 2 that was redesigned to take over has now been branded Kasa 1.

This is the only mathree with a 60-inch screen at the front and two 24-inch screens on the sides that cost a fortune.

The mathree boasts of DJs who operate in shifts.

Their best mixes are served via four woofers and 16 mid-range speakers.

“Bringing a DJ is a plus for us because some of the passengers not only relate with their mixes, but it’s also a good way of keeping our customers loyal. It has worked and we are on top,” Abri, one of the crew told Ma3 Culture.

Other crew include reliever drive Boi and two conductors Raff and Mdude.

The interior design with a ceiling that keeps changing colour was an idea borrowed from the US.

The mathree also has comfy leather seats.

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