Uhuru has never given me a posh house - Itumbi

Itumbi [Photo: Courtesy]

What is your day-to-day routine like?

I go to bed around 2am or 3am because I have to engage with the Diaspora who are in different time zones. Before retiring to bed, I spend 30 minutes studying the Bible or other Christian literature in preparation for my Pastor’s moment, which is my first post on Facebook every day.

I wake up at 5am for a seven-kilometre jog, after which I go through digital papers before my vendor delivers my newspapers. I am in the office by 6.30am, depending on my station in any day. My job is highly mobile. I compare my diary with the President’s to ensure they are in-sync.

How has the appointment changed your life?

For the last 10 years, I have lived in Kiambu in a place called Thindigwa. My appointment has not changed my lifestyle. I came from the village, I herded cattle and I had jiggers. Sometimes I wonder why having jiggers is portrayed as shameful.

As a boy, the jiggers made me bond with my grandmother, since she had to massage and inspect my toes. This was always an exciting experience. When I first came to Nairobi, I lived in Mukuru slums before I moved to Mbotela.

There are, however, some social places I can no longer visit owing to the nature of my job. Even updating events on social media is tricky these days because there is a thin line between Dennis Itumbi the person and the brand he represents.

Is there a tug-of-war between you and some powerful people determined to get your job?

There’s no way you can grow in the absence of critics. A person with no challenges cannot run or complete a race. It’s the player with the ball who gets called all sorts of names and jeered by spectators. Dennis Itumbi is in a race. I can hear the cheers and the jeers on the terraces, but my eyes are trained on the finish line.

Is it true that the President bought you a multi-million shilling house in a Nairobi suburb?

That is total nonsense. President Uhuru Kenyatta, for the record, does not give handouts. He’s not going to give you fish, but he would give you a fishing rod.

Why would he give me a house? I know he can instead give you a job, then you to decide whether you want to buy a house or not. He is my boss, my friend, trainer and mentor.

Did you hack the International Criminal Court (ICC) account to expose witnesses? Are you a hacker?

I do not doubt my ability to utilise new technology. I sued the ICC because of that claim and the ruling is on their website. They denied ordering my arrest, following which I filed a case in the Kenyan courts to seek clarification.

Once the case is over here, I will go back to the ICC to seek further clarification. It’s not over until it’s over. Am I a hacker? That is up to historians and other authors to determine.

How did the late Bishop David Gitari, your grandfather, influence your life?

He literally brought up the entire extended family. He paid my mum’s school fees, besides supporting us in other different ways.

Every first day of the year, he would invite us to his house and work with every member of the family to build our dreams. At the time of his death, he was working on a project for the family to set up a bank. We have since managed to start a Sacco as a family. We will be launching a book in his honour soon.

Are you dating?

Let me just say that I am on a very good course in regard to that.