My father’s ‘Tharaka witchcraft’ has driven me to poverty


  • The man from Tharaka Nithi County blames his father’s witchcraft for his endless woes
  • The old man’s house is inaccessible and some of his associates have been accused of witchcraft in the past

A man from Tharaka Nithi County believes his father has bewitched him never to succeed in life. His wife has deserted him, his livestock have died, and he harvests nothing after planting.

 Kinyua Kathare Migwi from Nkundi village in Tharaka South Sub-county told The Nairobian that his uninteresting future has to do with his father’s witchcraft, an allegation his father has denied.

Kinyua now wants village elders to compel the old man to abandon the practice which has been pulling his family down whenever he attempts to progress.

“My father did not take me to school and recently, my child dropped too. My wife does not want to see me and I am sure it is witchcraft that is behind all this,” laments Kinyua, adding that whenever he tries his hand at the farm, he ends up going home empty-handed during harvest time.  

“If I try to keep goats or cows, they die without even giving birth and this has really made my life hard,” he says, adding that his father “does not easily talk to anyone and he is always secretive and you cannot access his house. The people he associates with have in the past been accused of possessing black magic and this puts him in the mix too.”

Kinyua further explains that all his siblings left home never to return as “they bought pieces of land and established their families away from home and it’s hard to convince them to come back.”

The siblings once tried burning his father’s paraphernalia to no avail.

However, his father, Charles Migwi, told The Nairobian that his son was lying and was driven by ulterior motives as he has never practiced witchcraft and was not behind his son’s life of woe.

Mzee Migwi argued that it was normal for people to be poor and they cannot always attribute the poverty to witchcraft.