Shocking details of Kibera’s live sex shows


  • The women in the live shows have no say whether the men should wear protection or not
  • The entrance fee ranges from Sh150-Sh200

In Kibera, there are live sex shows on a shoestring budget. You can pay to watch live sex in parts of Makina, Gatwekera and Laini Saba. Here, several video dens ‘broadcast’ live shows for Sh150 as you watch men and young girls have sex.

“Most girls who engage in sex-for-view have babies to feed. They prefer being paid for sex in public than standing in street corners,” says our source.

At times, especially when men are drunk, such viewings get out of hand and some offer up to Sh500. “There can never be a problem with the police... In fact, cops on patrol usually pass by for their share of protection money,” he says.

The entrance fee can be hiked to Sh200 if the girls taking part that night are fresh, youthful and probably underage. In the shows, a female usually has no say as to whether a man should have protection or not.

According a United Nations Population Fund report released in May this year, one in every 117 females is a sex worker.

The report indicates that an average sex worker earns Sh1,500 per day. Nairobi has the highest concentration of female sex workers at 29,494, while the rest of the country has 107,181 sex workers.