Embakasi man scares cheating lover with HIV

A picture showing Pipeline estate ,Embakasi South people go about their business

A man from the populous Pipeline estate in Embakasi caught his woman red-handed cheating on him. He dealt with the situation in a rather unorthodox manner: scaring her that he had infected her and her new man with HIV.

The angry man, John Amoke, confronted his lover after bumping into her coming from an adjacent flat in her nighties. She was apparently buying stuff for breakfast in the company of another man.

The woman had reportedly called Amoke the previous day and asked for bus fare from Meru to Nairobi. The following morning, as Amoke was heading to work, he bumped into his lover buying milk and bread.

“I was shocked to see her because normally when she leaves Meru, she gets here at around 3pm. But here she was in Pipeline at 8am,” said the distraught man.

When Amoke asked her where she had been, the woman and his man started abusing him and accused him of being nosy. Amoke usually leaves for work around 5am and returns at 6pm. But things were different this day, and a bitter Amoke demand that he be refunded the Sh1,500 fare he had sent her.

“Give me back my cash you wh*re!” Amoke shouted as the woman’s new man joined the fray, attracting curious passersby.

The other man began roughing Amoke amid jeers and boos from locals who told him to leave the man alone.

The man then turned against the woman when Amoke let it known that he had infected them both with HIV/Aids.

Amoke continued telling the man to go for an HIV test. However Amoke later revealed that he was just angry and lied to scare the two.

“I am happy I will not die alone. You can also start taking HIV drugs,” Amoke told the angry man who confronted the woman to tell him the truth about her HIV status.

Amoke told The Nairobian he is so disappointed and has decided to end the relationship.