Five top celebrities with opulent homes in the world

John Travolta's airport home, built to house his Gulfstream and Boeing 707B.

Would you build a home that depicts your hobbies, or would you build a place that is so “you” or so overpriced that you couldn’t sell it no matter how hot the market?

With those questions in mind, we sought the ten top most absurdly, ridiculous, obnoxious, opulent and just plain ugly celebrity pads around the world.

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Big Boy Mansion

The 20,000-square-foot house, which he calls the “Big Boy Mansion” is an opulent Las Vegas home. And you would expect no less from the man who calls himself ‘Money’.

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It is filled with over-the-top luxuries like a movie theater with two screens stacked on top of one another, colour-coordinated, multi-million-dollar fleets of sports cars (that he doesn’t drive) and random stacks of cash to really drive the point home.

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Rumors has it that it also has a 12-person shower. The mansion even has its own Instagram account with tasteless displays of affluence, according to Yahoo Homes.

Floyd can be in his car and see every security camera in the house. He can set the heat, arrange the lighting, programme the TV and turn on fireplaces. 

John Travolta’s airport home

Built, specifically to house his Gulfstream and Boeing 707B. The home is located immediately off a main airstrip in Ocala, Florida, and it’s designed so his jets can taxi right up to two outbuildings connected to the main structure that’s shaped like a truncated air-control tower. Although the property came equipped with a 7,500-foot runway, Travolta extended the taxiway to reach the house.

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The home has been covered by nearly every media outlet. The certified private pilot owns five aircraft.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch served as the pop singer’s private amusement park and home when the facility opened in 1988, but it’s no longer in operation.

This ridiculous property, which lies over 2,800 acres, contained a zoo, a theme park with Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, zipper, spider, sea dragon, wave swinger, super slide, dragon wagon kiddie roller coaster and bumper cars.

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Named for Neverland, the fantastical island in the story of Peter Pan where children never grow up, the ranch is located near Los Olivos, California.

In 2014, the property was put on auction for $60million (Sh59 billion). According to Forbes, the property is currently managed by billionaire Tom Barrack’s Colony Capital firm, who took over Neverland’s estimated $23 million (Sh22 billion) debt from Jackson  in late 2007.

Ira Rennert’s mansion

Rennert, the publicity-shy billionaire founder of the Renco Group, is known more for his obnoxious New York Hamptons home than he is for anything else.

This mansion is considered one of the largest occupied residential compounds in America, and – if put on the market – may be the valued as the most expensive home on earth.

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The home sits on 63 acres, and the buildings cover over 110,000 square feet including the 66,000 square foot main house.

The main building contains a 91-foot long dining room, 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms. Fair Field, named after the adjoining Fairfield Pond, also contains a bowling alley, tennis and squash courts, and a $150,000 hot tub.

According to, the house would be valued at $500million (Sh48 billion) in today’s market. 

Donald Trump estate

Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida mansion was primed for the real estate market in 2006, and this 80,000-square-foot estate was priced at $125 million(Sh12.1billion) well before the housing meltdown.

The mansion, which resembles a civic centre, totals 62,000 square feet, with nine bedrooms, a ballroom, media room, art gallery, beauty salon, and a 4,100-square-foot conservatory.

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Additionally, the 6.5-acre property with 475 feet of ocean frontage includes two guest houses, a pool, and parking for 40 cars. Trump purchased the estate for $41.35 million in a 2004 Florida bankruptcy-court auction.

Trump renovated Maison de l’Amitié during his tenure, and during the sale it was listed as the most expensive home on the market anywhere in the U.S.

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