Dry spell: Six hot sport girls Kenyan men fear to love

Muscled women in sports are struggling to generate emotional interest [Photo: Courtesy]

Muscled women in sports like boxing, football, bodybuilding, cricket and karate are struggling to generate emotional interest in the hearts of Kenyan men.

These beautiful women have led a quiet and subdued life

— often away from the public eye. This is in contrast to most local sportsmen, most of whom have become permanent fixtures in love triangles pitting skimpily dressed lasses who often mount their own invasion of local bars and boutiques.

That’s for men.

Meanwhile, our beautiful women, especially in sports that require some muscle, have been left chewing their nails

— and searching. Our men avoid them. It’s worse if you are a karate queen, bodybuilder or boxer.

Fatuma Zarika

The World Boxing Council Super bantamweight champion Fatuma Zarika knows this all too well.

She told The Nairobian that being a boxer, getting loved by a man is elusive since most men tend to shy away from female boxers.

Fatuma Zarika [Photo: Courtesy]

“Yes I do (experience relationship challenges) a lot. Most people don’t approach me with such intentions in mind. The men I work with are strictly professional. I separated with my husband

— the father of my two daughters

— a long time ago and ever since, it’s just me, striving for my kids,” the 35-year old told The Nairobian.

Lorna Kusa

Light welterweight ace Lorna Kusa, a single mother of one, who just booked a slot in the ‘Hit Squad’ which is set to battle in the upcoming Commonwealth Games scheduled for April in Australia, agrees with her colleague .

“Only the brave men approach us. But the fact that we spend most of our times in training, keeps our minds off relationships, so we don’t even notice.

Lorna Kusa [Photo: Courtesy]

Usually, when someone approaches you and hears that you’re a boxer, the relationship gradually dies, irrespective of the fact that boxing is undoubtedly the most disciplined sport in the world,” she says.

“Men should not avoid female boxers since the ladies can never beat them up,” she quips.

Christine Ongare

Christine Ongare, 25, a flyweight boxer said that most relationships involving female pugilists only become successful with fellow boxers or other sports personalities.

“Once you’ve started boxing, the mind only thinks of training and fighting in the ring

— no sex. However, if you have to date, chances are you’ll date a fellow boxer, who understands you and requirements of the game. They know that when you’re approaching a game, you don’t need to get close to a man. That’s a ring. You need to be focused in it. You need not to be carried away by emotions,” she said.

She further explained that her physique and focus for the game makes her a hard nut to crack. “Honestly, dating me is not easy because many people will not believe that I can even smile. They find it very difficult to approach me in the first place”.

Veronica Mbithe

Flyweight champion of Dallas Veronica Mbithe, also admits their ‘scary fit bodies’ tend to keep men at bay. She says she prefers relationships with male boxers, terming outsiders cowards.

Veronica Mbithe [Photo: Courtesy]

“Fellow boxers understand us but the other people fear us. Even speaking to us is an uphill task for them,” she says, adding that: “That’s why my boyfriend is a boxer.”

Female footballers have not been spared.

Harambee Starlets

A female soccer star playing for national team Harambee Starlets - who sought anonymity - says she has been lonely without a man because men fear her mannish look. She however asserts that ‘sex is the best workout a woman can get before getting onto the pitch for an important game.’

“I’m a victim. My ex-boyfriend said I looked too ‘stony’ to be his girlfriend. Even sportswomen have feelings and need men’s love. We’re now forced to scramble for the few sportsmen who understand us. Every woman needs attention,” she said.

Catherine Abillah

Catherine Abillah, a rugby player insists that most of the ladies are single on grounds of being fitter than most men. The men see it as a challenge.

Catherine Abillah [Photo: Courtesy]

“It’s very healthy for women to have sex before getting into a sports match, but where are the men? They feel intimidated by the ladies’ physique,” said Abillah.