Western politician nursing injuries after wife bites him over sexy SMS

She left him after he started bleeding [Photo: Courtesy]

A legislator from Western Kenya is nursing serous wounds on his back after his wife literally mauled him over a text message from one of his clandes.

The fight broke after mheshimiwa’s wife picked his ringing phone only to come across love messages sent by another woman.

An argument broke out leading to a fist fight and the subsequent ‘deconstruction’ of mheshimiwa’s back.

 The angry woman is said to have overpowered the MP who had taken one too many during their fun period, and bit him repeatedly on his back and neck.

The politician was saved by one of his children who heard his cries for help.

“She left him after he started bleeding, but vowed to deal with him later,” a source told PowerPlay.

The woman has accused the MP of being loose and warned him that if he does not change, she will teach him a lesson.