Two local female footballers have decided to move in together as husband and wife

  • The two ladies are reported to have been an item since their meeting in the team
  • The two saw they had a flourishing relationship and decided it was time to move in together
  • There are reports that such relationships are common among the players

Two female players who have been in a relationship over a period of time have now moved in together in an apartment where they are said to be living as ‘husband and wife.’

The players are lesbians and have been an item since they met in the team. The relationship allegedly affected their performance in past matches where they are said to have engaged in whole night sex escapades before the said matches without the knowledge of the officials.

The relationship has led to disagreement between one of the women and her mother who is said to be against lesbianism. “She has been praying and fasting so that her daughter can change but nothing has changed,” a source told Offside.

The mother has blamed the bad behaviour on the training camps. She said her daughter was good until the camps and trips began. Cases of lesbianism has been on the rise in most national women teams which the starlet squad being notorious with the vice.

There are many of such relationship thriving among most players in the team.

The performance of the team has been questioned in the past with lesbianism being touted as of the reason behind the dismal show.