Cecafa stewards furious over pay

FKF boss Nick Mwendwa
  • The crowd of youths used as bouncers threatened to storm the main dais over delayed allowances
  • FKF President Nick Mwendwa had to rush to his hotel after being booed by fans

Harambee Stars celebration of a first Cecafa Cup title in four years was shrouded by cries from destitute stewards and security marshals.

The highly charged youths from Kisumu who were used as bouncers to provide security at Moi Stadium blocked employees of Azam TV, the tournament broadcast partner after the second semi-final match between Uganda and Zanzibar to protest delayed payment of their allowances.

The rebellious youth threatened to make their way to the main dais where top dignitaries were following the proceedings, forcing FKF boss Nick Mwendwa to leave the stadium in haste.

While this was going on in the main stand, at ‘Russia’, infuriated fans vented their anger at the FKF boss’ decision to move Cecafa group ‘A’ matches from the lakeside city to Machakos Stadium.

The fans expressed their displeasure at the decision by FKF to take away the preliminary round of matches from the initial proposed venue, a move that left soccer fans in the region with only two matches; semi-final between Kenya and Burundi and Uganda versus Zanzibar.

Back in the main stand, Mwendwa was forced to rush back his hotel room at Royal City Gardens after fans booed him in the second half.

The trouble did not end there for under fire Mwendwa after local stewards and security personnel followed him to his hotel room where they staged a protest demanding payment.

According to some of the (local) coordinators who spoke to The Nairobian, trouble started after word went round that FKF had said that they would only pay for the two-day work and not five days as was initially agreed between the youth and the federation.

 Mwendwa, however, denied these allegations saying that everyone has been paid (as of Monday)

“In fact, those guys detained Azam employees at the stadium. They only released the (Azam) van after they were paid,” Mwendwa told The Nairobian though he could not divulge how much each of the over 50 youth were paid.

“I don’t know exactly how much or how many days they were paid for the work done; all I know is that everyone was paid on the same day,” added Mwendwa.

But according to one of the officials who was in charge of organising the event, only a selected number of FKF-North Branch officials were paid Sh10,000 instead of Sh15,000.

“We were paid Sh10,000. Some (elected) members from the branch (Nyanza branch) came with their friends and booked them in the hotel at the expense of the federation. Their money have delayed too. What I can confirm though, is that stewards and security guys have not been paid anything.”