You feed a slay queen, another man milks her

Another boy who is just waiting for you to feed the cow for him to milk

Though a good thing, technology can be a source of evil, and I think it has evolved too quickly for our own good. Back in the day, we enjoyed reading newspapers by flipping pages, but alas! Today almost everything can be found on a screen.

Listening to music on a Walkman was the coolest thing in town- the act of one trying to save batteries by rewinding or forwarding the cassette using a Biro pen was just out of this world.

Now we have gadgets that can play thousands of songs without much battery strain, and are as small as car’s remote.

Money has also gone digital. Think of Bitcoins. You can imagine the shock to some of us still trying to get the hang of ATM cards.

Now that everything has become digital there is one behaviour that is very irritating- digital borrowing, which is where you don’t know someone in person as you have only met through social media either by adding them as friends, following them through Instagram or liking their photos which  makes them think you are friends.

Suddenly they inbox and ask you to help them with money, usually as low as Sh100. They come up with fake excuses like need to buy medication as they are out of fare or in a fix. These days most have gone beyond the usual phrase of “I need a favour”.

Majority of culprits are women, the so-called slay queens who know most men have something in their M-Pesa and even sending Sh1,000 is no big deal. What the men don’t know is that the same message has been copied and sent to 20 other men.

 Of course because the boy child has been taught that you have to be a gentleman many send even more than the amount being asked.

Assume I am a two-year-old. Explain to me, in simple language, where these slay queens get their courage.

You have not met this man, yet you want him to send you money or buy you lunch? Trust me, even men themselves don’t just borrow from one another it has to be someone you know well, probably a childhood friend.

Tell me girls, how will you feel if we switched roles- so that it is men who keep asking you for that one-night stand even before you meet? Would you like it?

Anyway, to save millions, please start with coins and respect money or else it won’t respect you.

Unfortunately as you hurry through your phone to M-Pesa menu to send money the so-called dream girl she is with another boy who is just waiting for you to feed the cow for him to milk.

I really feel bad especially if it’s a married man who cannot send an equal amount of money to his wife so he can feed his children.

Men should discourage this digital borrowing by girl child as you are busy spoiling the market out there. Men have made the girl child think that it is normal to borrow digitally as soon as you connect. Let them also hustle as well.

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