Rusinga schools: Where Kiguta and Waihiga were classmates

Rusinga Schools. Anchors Waihiga Mwaura and Anne Kiguta (inset)

Rusinga Schools in Nairobi’s Lavington area was founded by a group of expatriates and local Christians in 1975.

The founders had a mission to offer quality education and enshrine Christianity.

The group of schools derived its name from Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria, where one of the founders was a teacher. The name was picked because the founders felt it would “reflect its local identity, uniqueness and a legacy of Christian service”.

Rusinga started with a kindergarten, which paved way for the primary school section

— the secondary school level would followed much later. This happened gradually over the years. The school has since established another campus in Rongai, Kajiado County.

It is at Rusinga that toddlers in kindergarten train in ballet, swimming, monkeynastix, horse riding, piano and guitar lessons, cookery and ICT as part of co-curricular activities.

The secondary school section has produced renowned learners, most of whom moved abroad to further their education. But studying here does not come that easy.

Rusinga School back in the day

For instance, it will cost you Sh65,000 per term to keep your toddler in Rusinga (playgroup). Those in kindergarten pay Sh113,000, primary school pay from Sh180, 500 to Sh261,500 and secondary school is Sh443, 000 per term.

Transport and lunch is charged separately.

It was in Rusinga where Citizen TV senior anchor Anne Kiguta and her colleague Waihiga Mwaura were classmates and both proceeded to Daystar University. Others are Ebru Africa TV presenter Kamene Goro.

Other alumni include founder of POISA, a Kenyan fashion label, Patricia Mbela, Raindance Capital Chief Investment Officer Hawi Abwonji, Oraro and Company Advocates partner Cindy Oraro, Britam Asset Managers Ltd legal analyst Lynette Monzi and A.F Gross advocate associate Carla Mwalabu.

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