Kenyan man narrates marriage with hot slay queens who came for his neck

Julius Gituro does not deny having dated and married them
  • Julius Gituro, a staunch Catholic and insurance man says one of the women  slept  with two different men as their daughter watched
  • He was last week accused of leaking nude pictures of one of his exes and faced wrath of four of his exes

Julius Gituro, an insurance man and staunch Catholic, has married five women in the last two years.

Four of his exes came for his neck after he was last week accused of leaking nude pictures of one of them on the Mafisi Channel, an online group with over 90, 000 ‘hyenas.’

The nudes were of Rosalia Jonhson (Rosalia Kanyeki) who went took to social media claiming that Gituro, her ex, had taken the photos and only he could have leaked them. 

Three other women who read her post; Victoria Muthama, Lilian Muthiga and Jackie Ndunda, crawled from the woodwork claiming to have been married to Gituro in the last two years.

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 They shared their stories with millions of Kenyans, labelling Gituro, who says he has been in the insurance industry for  18 years, as a con,man, a deadbeat father, a womaniser, a bully and a broke dude who has squandered his old man’s dough and now lives off women.

Gituro does not denying having dated and married most of them. In fact, Jackie Ndunda, has a police case after continuously assaulting Olive Wanjira, his fifth wife, at different times since June this year.

The latest assault in September was reported at the Industrial Area Police Station under OB39/18/06/2017 where the matter fizzled out, but  which Gituro  has taken up with the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) and the Internal Affairs Department at the National Police Service.

Gituro confesses that he lived with Ndunda “in Buruburu Phase 4 as husband and wife from 2009 to 2014. We have two children. I kicked her out of the house and now we are in court over custody of the children. She has taken to social media to portray me in bad light and use the same info in court to get child custody. She is a fraudster, facing a forgery case in Makadara.” Gituro resigned from a reputable local assurance company to run his own, Reliable Consultants Insurance Agency, after years as a top achiever.  

A charge sheet in our possession reveals that Ndunda was accused of obtaining money by false pretence and remanded at Lang’ata Women’s Prison from February to April 2017.

 “Living with her was hell,” he recalls of his life with Ndunda. “She used to go through my phone daily, my laptop and would inspect my car to see if there were any traces of women hair or lipstick. She would send abusive text messages if I failed to answer her phone. She accused me of sleeping with her cousins and nieces.”

Gituro adds that at one time, his late mother and sisters evicted her at night after learning I was sleeping in the car.

“She used to lock all doors and go to bed, claiming I was late. That’s why I took her to court to get custody of our children. She is not a straightforward woman. She used to sleep with two different men as my daughter watched,” he alleges and shows us a video of his daughter narrating mummy’s shenanigans.

Gituro claims he sought solace from his office colleague, Lilian Muthiga who he started dating “because Ndunda was violent and cheated on me several times. Lilian gave me relief.”

Lilian, he says, was “my mpango wa kando from 2011 to 2015 when I was married to Jackie Ndunda. We fell out after I refused to marry her when I finally got rid of Ndunda. We never had any big fight, so I am shocked she joined the online bandwagon that is tarnishing my name,” says Gituro, arguing that, “I was not ready after my separation with from Ndunda. She got upset as we were scheduled to visit Dubai together.

The good thing about her is she takes good care of her two sons. She supported me a lot when I was going through the abusive relationship with my ex-wife.”

But of Gituro, Lilian mocked him online as “this immature boy, posting pictures of me online and I told him karma will pay for me coz I don’t have time for his drama. He was fired from his job, and he has gone mad after selling his father’s properties…hehehe.”

But Gituro retorts: “Those are useless words from idle women who are preying on any property they think I own.” He pose: “Do you think they would be on my case if I had nothing?”

Exit Ndunda  and Lilian and enter the bosom of curvaceous Rosalia Kanyeki from whom Gituro sought solace.

“We lived together from October 2015 to October 2016 in Barons Court, South B. She is a slay queen. I evicted her at the end of October as I could no longer put up with her drinking habits.

She used to come home past 3am. She would drink and pour wine on our bed as I slept. I evicted her in the presence of my neighbour,” he says, passing the phone number of the neighbour, who doesn’t want to be dragged into the matter, but says he was present when Rosalia was being kicked out.

“It’s my neighbour who paid her cab that night at 3am after she hit my window and injured her hand. She claims I spiked her drink, took nude pictures of her and posted them online. What reason would I have to spike her drink? To take advantage of her? Yes, I have lived with her for a year.

I have seen her naked so many times, so why would I take her naked pictures?” wonders Gituro. He describes Rosalia as a law student who loves the finer things in life. “She is a slay queen, with no children and whom I met on social media. She is a drunk and violent cheat who used to take earrings, bracelets and chains on credit and request me to pay over Sh20,000 without consulting me.”

Exit Rosalia’s thunder thighs and earth-shaking booty and enter Victoria Muthama, whom Gituro dated for six months, before calling it off because “she was in love and looking forward to marriage, while I wasn’t ready because of my failed marriages. Her contribution to my online bashing is basically selfish.

She also claims I spiked her drink and posted her nude pictures online. That is a lie. She was unable to handle our breakup.”

Gituro insists he has never taken any nude pictures of any of his women since “I don’t even know where those pictures were taken because the background is not my bedroom. That’s clearly a false allegation.”

Victoria on the other hand, ranted online that, “You did so much harm when you posted my photos. I no longer have anything to lose because you compromised my family and business just because I dumped your broke a*s.”

 Gituro and Victoria met on Facebook and he found her “not violent as my ex-wife but drinks wine. She is a businesswoman and a very nice person. I wonder why she joined others in maligning my name. We dated between January to June 2016,” says Gituro, who describe himself as a family man who loves his kids dearly.   

Gituro is now on his fifth woman, Olive Wanjira, his current wife whom he met at a wedding. They have been together for over a year.

“We have a daughter called Tiffany who is two months old. I love her because she has a great personality, is mature, loving, understanding, faithful, well-educated and God-fearing. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. We will be together till death do us part,” says an optimist Gituro, who enjoys how she prepares his favourite mukimo and beef stew.