Post-mortem results: Michael Okombe fought a number of attackers

The late Michael Okombe
  • The post-mortem results indicate the Michael Okombe tried to defend himself but was overpowered
  • According to the results, a stabbing through the chest might have cause Okombe’s death

As investigations to find the killer(s) of the former national 15s team international back row cum flanker the late Michael Okombe take shape, fresh details have emerged following release of a post-mortem report by a government pathologist.

According to the report by Dr Titus Ngulungu and witnessed by family pathologist Dr David Chumba, Okombe died of excessive bleeding after he was hit with a blunt object at the back of his head and had several stab wounds on his body.

In the report, Dr Chumba notes that the deceased was also stabbed with a sharp object after being hit by a blunt object at the back of his head.

Dr Chumba later said in an interview that Okombe might have fought a number of attackers before he was overpowered after being hit by the blunt object at the back of his head and stabbed several times in the body.

The stabbing went through the chest wall and penetrated the lungs leading to blood clots in the chest, causing the right lung to collapse.

“A deep cut in the right hand side of the chest went through the chest wall and penetrated through the lungs caused the right lung to collapse resulting in internal bleeding. This is what might have caused his sudden death,” said Dr Chumba.

The post-mortem, done in the presence of Okombe’s father Josephat Shitindo and Dr Chumba indicates that the fallen player had bruises on the forehead and on his left shoulder and laceration on the upper lip that measured 15 by 10mm, indicating that he tried to defend himself against his attackers before he was overpowered.