Mishi Dora is broke, I paid all her bills, claims reality TV star Bridget Achieng

L-R: Bridget Achieng and Mishi Dorah
  • Reality TV star Bridget Achieng dismissed claims by Mishi Dorah that she is broke
  • In her counter, Bridget stated that she paid for Mishi Dora’s bills while in Tanzania

Reality TV star Bridget Achieng has denied claims that fellow Nairobi Diaries star Mishi Dorah paid her bills while the two were in Tanzania.

According to Achieng, Mishi is the broke one and is in fact spreading rumours about her out of bitterness.

“In March this year, I was approached by a Tanzanian producer to shoot a movie and Mishi asked me to join, in,” Achieng told Heads Up.

Achieng futher alleges that because Mishi was broke, “I paid her bus fare and gave her more cash to visit her family in Arusha.”

According to the curvaceous reality star, “Mishi stayed with me in my hotel room which was being sponsored by the producer and when my flight was booked, I came back to Kenya leaving her in Tanzania.”

Heads Up reached out to Mishi for comments in vain.