Vihiga man becomes ‘pastor’ at son’s burial as he couldn’t raise Sh5,000 church fee

Shadrak Andrew Opekwa and his wife
  • The jua kali artisan approached a pastor for guidance on the burial procedure for his son
  • The pastor’s demand for Sh5,780 shocked Opekwa, prompting him to preside over the ceremony

A man from Ebusiloli Mwilonje in Vihiga County buried his son after failing to raise Sh5,780 for a pastor’s fee.

Shadrak Andrew Opekwa who lost his two-year-old son to severe malaria managed to raise Sh6, 900 from his jua kali job. Part of it settled the hospital bill while he used the balance to buy a coffin and an outfit for his dead son. .

His boss gave him Sh8, 000 for fuelling the vehicle that transported the infant’s body home for burial.

But when he went to his ushago church to seek guidance on burial procedure, he claims that Pastor Margaret Walukoye of Church of God asked for Sh5,780 to buy three chickens, 3 kilos of meat, 4 kilos of flour, 3 litres of milk, 1 kilo of sugar and Sh200 for greens.

Sh2,000 was to be kept in an envelope for the pastor before burial.

Shocked by these demands, Opekwa used friends to dig a grave overnight. But he still had to part with a chicken as per the traditional customs and some changaa.

Early in the morning, Opekwa claims that he prayed for his son before burying him. That same day, his wife who was absent from the burial ‘ceremony’ delivered twins at Kima Mission Hospital.

Pastor Margaret Walukoye has however dismissed Opekwa’s claims arguing that, “He is not our member, but either way, we had asked him to submit details of the child in preparation for the burial.”