Are ‘boycotted firms’ targeting NASA supporters?

A NASA rally at the Kamukunji Grounds
  • Daily crisis meetings are being held by one of the affected firms
  • Staff perceived to be from tribes leaning towards NASA are told to prepare for retrenchment

Things could be tough for the employees of companies affected by the Opposition’s boycott with letters warning of impending retrenchment.

In some companies, the planned down-sizing has taken a tribal dimension with staff perceived to be from the NASA leaning tribes being told to prepare for a sack.

The companies are said to be in a panic mode after the boycott took effect with profit volumes shrinking sharply just a few days after the announcement by NASA.

Source close to one of the companies has told PowerPlay that there are daily crisis meetings with the firms adopting a lets-wait-and-see approach as the boycott takes shape.

“We don’t know what will happen, because it is now clear that we will be targeted because we come from Western region,” an employee told Powerplay.