It had been a long day: The day Raila Odinga’s tears flowed freely in front of his aides

NASA principals Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga
  • The resilience and public show of strength by Raila and Kalonzo is unmatched.
  • The two men smile for the cameras, yet they probably can’t remember the last time they heard the sound of laughter in their homes.

When Kalonzo was named as Raila’s running mate, his  wife was admitted at a German hospital and the medical bills were running into tens of millions.

Five days later, the NGOs Coordination Board through its chief executive officer, Fazul Mohammed, froze the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation’s bank accounts.

While communicating the decision, Fazul accused the foundation of engaging in money laundering and operating illegal accounts. He claimed the foundation was unable to account for Sh196 million, including Sh50 million from Chinese donors, and initiated a legal process of ascertaining the criminal culpability of its directors, who include former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka (trustee and patron).

The others are Kalonzo’s wife Pauline (trustee and chairperson), his son Kennedy (secretary) and a fourth person listed as Martha Mulwa (treasurer). Fazul then de-registered the foundation and also disbanded its board of directors and laid way for Kalonzo to be charged in court.

Kalonzo, however, got a court order suspending the board’s decision to freeze his charitable trust’s accounts.Raila’s head had been shaven bila maji earlier.

On August 1, Fazul issued a letter directed to the Central Bank of Kenya governor, Dr Patrick Njoroge, to freeze the accounts of an NGO associated with Raila’s  daughter, Rosemary Odinga.

“The NGOs coordination board has information to the effect that Key Empowerment Foundation Kenya, a foundation associated with Rosemary Odinga, has received aggregate sum of funds amounting to Sh530 million from the George Soros Foundation,” read the letter, further stating, “The purpose of this letter is to therefore advice your office to immediately identify and mark all accounts held under the name, The Key Empowerment Foundation Kenya, and initiate immediate preservation of all funds held under the said foundation within the next 24 hours effective the date of this communication.”

According to eye witnesses, when Raila entered his house, he found his daughter Rosemary, who is now ailing, seated on the couch, crying. His wife, Ida, had her arms around Rosemary’s shoulders. He sat down next to his daughter, held her hand and asked why she was crying.

Raila then left the two women, picked his phone from an aide, and went to his bedroom where he stayed for less than 15 minutes. He came back looking defeated, sat between his wife and daughter, held them close to him, and whispered something into their ears.

His aides slowly left the room when they saw tears streaming down Raila’s eyes.