Nairobi's hottest matatu: Bad and Boujee is mambo baad!

Bad Boujee

Commuting between Ruiru and Cabanas via the southern bypass can be quite exhausting, not to mention the many trucks that can cause major snarl-ups.

Woe unto you if you hop into a mathree that has no music. You know, the dead silence where you are forced to have small talk with your neighbour.

But a new mathree, dubbed Bad Boujee, is changing things on that route. It is bringing life to this once boring route.

Named after American hip-hop group Migos, with attractive bluish colour adopted from Redsmoke family, Bad and Boujee is worth the ride.

The mathree boasts of a large 32-inch screen mounted on the front, two 14-inch screens on the back and small ones fitted at the back of every seat.

Oh, and their Wi-Fi is just the real deal!

“Our secret is to offer the best service for our passengers. Further, we interact with youthful passengers who inform us of what they want. We have to keep up with the latest trends,” Isaac Kagwe aka Ngori, one of the crew, told Ma3 Culture.