Cold beer exposes fake female police inspector

Rose Wangeci Kamau in court
  • Wangeci was busted at the GSU headquarters after ordering for a beer
  • Drinking while in uniform is against rules for police officers

A woman pretending to be a police inspector was busted at the General Service Unit (GSU) headquarters as she was enjoying a cold beer.

Rose Wangeci Kamau, was arrested on August 31 after it emerged that she was a police impostor and had tricked her colleagues.

The court heard that Wangeci, who was dressed in Administration Police uniforms, went to the GSU canteen where she ordered a beer.

GSU officers who were present were curious, since they had not seen her before and further, she was breaking one of the rules, drinking alcohol while in uniform.

One of the officers approached her for interrogation but she failed to produce her identification documents and lied she was a police inspector attached to the police training college.

She was handed over to Muthaiga Police Station officers.

In court, Wangeci was faced with two charges; presenting herself as a police inspector and trespassing at the GSU premises.

She denied the charges and was set free on surety bond of Sh250,000.

The matter is set for hearing on December 14.