Wives will not drop from heaven: Kenyan men, go out there flirt and seduce women

Wives will not drop from heaven
  • It is extremely ill-advised to leave the task of choosing a wife to some uncertain external force
  • You succeed in life by going out there and taking risks, not by sitting in the house
  • Don’t just leave everything to fate including choice of partners

I don’t believe in fate or pre-destination. I don’t believe that “everything happens for a reason” as a vast majority of people are fond of reassuring themselves when things go wrong.

I’m not too fond of the sentiment that everything that happens to us is all part of a greater plan. I don’t believe that fate or destiny or whatever is pulling the strings of your life to make things happen.

I got into a heated discussion with a friend who is convinced that everything is already decided for us.

The discussion started when I sought to find out why he wasn’t going out to meet women or asking any woman out despite having expressed the desire to settle down.

His response was that he was waiting for fate to deliver to him the right woman. His perfect woman is already picked for him. All he has to do is wait for her to be brought to him. How neat!

He told me about his ex-girlfriend and how he wasn’t actively looking for a woman when he met her.

According to him, destiny brought them together. He also maintains that there was a higher reason as why that relationship ended since, you know, everything happens for a reason.

He explained that the circumstances surrounding their meeting proved that a higher power was in play.

 He met her when he was going to attend a work function and unwittingly wandered into the wrong conference hall. Talk about elevating the mundane! Anyway, according to him, he doesn’t need to actually go out and strike up a conversation with a woman with the hopes of dating her.

He doesn’t have to do any work because God, or destiny or fate, is the ultimate matchmaker. I had a hard time trying to convince him that nothing in life is predetermined.

Sure, his meeting with his ex was rather random, but it was not in any way divine.

I tried to urge him to stop waiting for another random meeting and instead go after what he wants, but he would hear none of it.

I believe in luck and circumstances. Your success in your love life and life in general depends on the choices you make.

It is extremely ill-advised to leave the important task of choosing a life partner to some uncertain external force.

We succeed in life by going out there and taking risks, not by sitting in the house waiting for fate to hand us the things we desire.

I know that believing in fate can bring us comfort, especially when we are trying to make sense of a particular event or outcome, but when we it comes to our future, we have to put in effort.

If you don’t do anything to shape your future and you just leave everything to fate, I promise you there is no way it is going to be a good one. It is like not studying for a test but believing you are going to pass.