Women don’t expire, they mature with age

If a woman goes for a younger man, she’s called a cougar, if she goes for a married man, she’s called a homewrecker!

There is this old adage that a woman has an expiration date, after which most men will not be that interested in what she has to offer. That was then. Today, a woman’s shelf life seems to be measured by her confidence, her job, her peers and most definitely, how versed she is at ‘bedmington’ sports.

Enter, the over 35 chick who is giving her younger counterparts hell because ‘imagine ya, see you buy me credit’ is no longer the hottest thing in town.

I fall in that over 35 bracket; divorced, single, no kids. The other day a friend told me that at my age I should no longer be looking for romantic love.

I should be looking for something more practical, like companionship, an investment partner, someone to have babies with or just good sex.

A few years ago, I would have disagreed with this statement on the principle of supposed morality. But I’ll be honest, every single advance I’ve gotten from men over the last few years, has been to offer me one or all the above.

The irony is these men are mostly married. They are very systematic in their approach, often it’s tagged to some financial promise. They know better than to blatantly say they will ‘buy you credit, imagine ya’, so they use a smarter approach.

They ask about your business, how can they help it grow? They ask about your goals in life, who do you discuss your vision with because nobody should go at it alone, right? They go on to declare their marital status to avoid the threat of having their tyres slashed should they ever forget to remove the wedding ring.

It’s all very honourably done as they profess their love for their wife and kids and make it clear they will defend their home, no matter what.

I believe this. I even understand a man’s desire to be with another woman outside of his marriage bed.

What I don’t quite understand, is how a woman is meant to respond to these advances, especially if they are the only offers she gets?

Society, perhaps rightfully so, perhaps not, will say to walk away from any man who isn’t single. But where are the single ones beyond a certain age? Because if a woman goes for a younger man, she’s called a cougar, if she goes for a married man she’s called a homewrecker. None of these are flattering titles.

The plight of the over 35 single woman; sought after by many but having to say no to all if she wants to be upheld as a symbol of respect in society.

I’m beginning to wonder how wrong it is for a desirable independent woman to seek companionship, sex and friendship from a man who has enough love to share with more than one.

Find me a single eligible man over 40 and I’ll find you an ocean in the desert. Possible but highly improbable. Maybe our ancestors had it right, after all.