Ben instead of bae: 10 hilarious cellphone auto-correct mess ups

The auto-correct application in most smartphones is meant to make spelling easier for those whose fingers type faster.

But in most cases, the auto-correct give different words and most of us tend to hit the send button without checking, only for their bloopers to cause them endless embarrassment when they mistake ‘public’ for ‘pubic’.

Here are 10 hilarious auto-correct bloopers whose choice of wrong words had unintended consequences:

1. Is it Bae not Ben?

Sending a message that reads ‘checking up on your bae’ but which auto-corrects bae to Ben leads to uncomfortable explanations, especially if the sender had an ex-boyfriend called Ben.

This is how auto-correct can lead to breakups.

2. Death on dear...wololo!

There is nothing wrong with wishing your spouse goodnight, but the night can be very long when the auto-correct replaces ‘Good night dear’ with ‘Good night death’!

3. Can I borrow your mother?

Borrowing movies from film buffs is fine, but when the message is auto-corrected and the movie replaced with ‘Can I borrow your mother,’ then it might lead to broken friendships (and no movies) especially if the said mother died in the 2008 post-poll madness.

4. Who is Lizard?

Business deals can go south when you are pitching an idea to Liz, but the auto-correct does its thing and the message reads, ‘Dear Lizard....’ It is even worse when the message is accompanied by ‘you will not be waitina long’.

Waitina means ‘wa-buttocks’ and if the Lizard has a big one, could spell doom for the deal. Same as when its ‘Dear Odour’ but reads ‘Dear Idiot!’

5. The screwed up emojis

It is not just through auto-corrected words that the world can go upside down. Sending a thumbs up WhatsApp emoji can have you receiving a memo when your boss gets the middle finger emoji instead...

6. Who let the dog out

Letting your boss know you already sent that report document but you end up texting “I sent the dog” (for doc) and the no-nonsense boss thinks you are referring to the beautiful secretary whom he has the hots for.

7. Sexual healing

You can meet a client who gets you feeling like there is abnormal freedom around your waist.

So, when she texts you, “See you when I am aroused” might get you entertaining ideas of breaking a certain commandment, not realising she meant, “See you when I am around!”

8. Mum is a hoe

You can text your mother that you’re on your way home at 11pm so that she doesn’t think you got entangled in demonstrations over elections, but end up writing, ‘On my way hoe!’ which gets her calling the wazee from your father’s side kutatua hiyo maneno.

9. Sex education

Pupils in upper primary have cellphones nowadays and it’s not uncommon for most to request for books. A request for a text book might end up reading ‘Sex book’!

10. Pastor Manenos

Texting the pastor that you want to discuss something with him could have hilarious asides when the received text reads “K*ma jambo nataka tuoane tuongee” with the text ending with “When can we marry” instead of “when can we meet!”