Sabina Chege: Did you know Murang'a woman rep acted in Kiswahili soap opera 'Tausi?'

Sabina Chege was cast as Rehema in the popular television Kiswahili soap opera, Tausi, that aired on KBC TV from 1995.

She acted alongside Dr Kuria, now Dr Tom Olali, a Kiswahili scholar at the University of Nairobi, where she was then a student with fellow thespian Ashina Kibibi, the late Siti.

It was Dr Olali who recast the role of Rehema for Sabina in Hall 4 which housed post-graduate students then. Kibibi committed suicide in 2005.

The series also starred Lindi (Morrine otiya), the orphan who was forced to live with Rhoda, an aunt, and was mistreated to a point of making many viewers break down.

Sabina Chege

The other memorable character was Master Sugu (Derrick Amunga) who was found mysteriously dead at the Kenyatta National Hospital after missing for a week in 2014.

Tausi, created by Kibwana Onguso, was a favourite of many Kenyans who religiously followed the story of Mzee Kasri: Siti, Rehema, and Rukia and their mother, Bi Zuri.

Other memorable cast memebers include Ondieki, Sango, Bi Popo, Ebosos, Sikitum Mponda and Mjuba.