Nakuru boda boda riders ‘warming’ married women’s beds

Boda boda riders in Nakuru have been accused of breaking marriages in the county.

Cases of boda boda operators ‘stealing’ other peoples’ wives is on the rise and the men now want the riders taught a lesson.

Recently, a mother of two was caught pants down by her hubby having sex with a boda rider in a maize plantation.

Her angry husband, identified as Githaiga, sent her packing after a serious beating.

According to neighbours who spoke to The Nairobian, Githaiga arrived home early than expected and suspected something was amiss when he found a motorbike parked outside his gate.

He decided to use the entrance to his shamba and that is when he caught his wife on top of another man.

“We heard screams and we rushed to the home. It was such an embarrassing scene. The boda boda guy managed to escape but the woman wasn’t lucky. The husband beat her up and sent her packing,” the neighbour said.

However, boda boda riders claim that the women, especially married ones, trap them and lure them into sex.

“Most of these women are sexually-starved.  A woman will hire you for a day and later, invite you to her house for a good time. Before you know it, she is all over you and demands sex every day,” Benjamin Kimenju said.