Media boss frustrating juniors over political stand

An editorial boss in one of the major local media houses has declared war on his juniors from a particular tribe over their perceived political leaning.

The situation is worse that most of the scribes have decided to seek employment in other media houses, but this has also been tricky as the said boss who has friends in other media organisations has even went ahead to call bosses in those organisations, making it difficult for the frustrated journalists to get jobs.

"If he hears you have gone for an interview with another media house, he will call them tell them how you are a difficult person to work with," one of the affected journalist told Power Play.

One of the scribes who left the said media house for another media house has accused his former boss of frustrating his efforts to get his salary after he failed to stop his hiring.

"He has now blocked my salary yet I gave notice and reported to work during the entire period. I am aware he even called my employer and told him all manner of things," he claimed.