Four ways on how to win over your clients

They say customer is king. But just how do you make them yours, permanently. Well, this is how to impress your clients and gain those brownie points while at it.

Be positive: There is something refreshing about someone who oozes positive vibe.

When you exude positivity, you melt away anger even from those angry clients who the company’s services has just disappointed.

Look, you are not adding to the problem when you match negativity with negativity.

Be a people’s person: This trait is especially important to a receptionist who will often be responsible for the first impression a customer will have of a business.

It is therefore essential that your receptionist is a fantastic ambassador for the company. Ensure that he or she is an excellent communicator with good people skills and the ability to multi task.

If for example your receptionist is on the phone when a visitor arrives it is important that they make eye contact, smile and can indicate that they will be with the customer ASAP

Dress code: How you dress says a lot about the type of person you are. It is therefore important to dress for the occasion.

But above all, decide on a dress code within your company and stick to it.

Go that extra mile: When preparing for a meeting with a client, go that extra mile to try and find out who they are, what they do and who their competitors are.

This way when you have questions about the firm, you will at least be asking from a point of knowledge.