You chose these bad leaders, now deal with it!

You probably elected someone from your clan, tribe, or some other fishy affiliations; so don’t complain when things go wrong

Elections are over. You probably elected someone from your clan, tribe, or some other fishy affiliations. Anyone who is moral, incorruptible and who comes with creative solutions to some of our basic problems is never wanted. We prefer living with our mediocrity and when you think about it, maybe we deserve it.

And soon enough, we will be crying, mourning, wailing and ranting on social media when the mediocre leaders you have elected do absolutely zilch, while drawing top salaries for themselves. It is a bed we have made and we must lie in, thorny as it may be.

I have often argued in the past that Africa is a cursed continent. You watch what is going on in resource-rich countries like Angola and Nigeria and want to cry.

You watch what is going on in a resource-poor country like ours and you have this sinking feeling that not much will happen in our lifetime.

Kenya’s problems are so basic - food, water and shelter. We can easily fix them without our leaders prostituting themselves in front of other world leaders with begging bowls when they have stashed billions in those countries’ economies. We don’t need people with Einsteinian genius to fix the problems.

We don’t need funding from World Bank to build or upgrade our healthcare facilities.

Nairobi too has such basic problems, but our insistence on electing mediocre leaders will ensure that we live with garbage, open sewers and thousands of street children scavenging for food from dumpsites. Again, these problems do not need billions to be fixed. What they need is a leader with enough common sense, and the goodwill to sort them out.

There is the traffic problem. There is the housing problem. For traffic, we always have it backwards. We’d rather spend Sh400 billion on a Standard Gauge Railway that only caters for less than one per cent of the population, than spend far much less to build a light-railway to ease mobility in the city.

But our leaders like where they can make a quick buck from kickbacks with minimal problems or pesky guys who want to be included in the gravy train.

On housing, any government housing project is a cow to be milked dry, deliver shoddy housing that look ugly with 24 hours of finishing. Even so, those involved always grab the houses and apportion them to their relatives and mistresses until the next batch of houses is built.

We have the problem of youth and unemployment. With something as simple as taking of stupid photography and filming licence fees or making them reasonable and affordable, you can employ so many youths.

Building state-of-the-art stadiums, playgrounds for our children, some of whom may end up becoming great athletes and employing so many people in turn, should be priorities. But the people we elect would rather steal every remaining pitch and ground to erect apartments and charge our kids to play in malls.

In the West and other advanced societies, every problem is an opportunity for someone to become rich. But in Kenya, such opportunities are hawked to international firms, even for some basic things that we can do ourselves. We never trust local talent and human resource.

It is vexing that we rely on the Swedish, Japanese and Chinese governments to fix even some of our simpler problems.

That should justify the racial superiority of white-skinned people. Does it ever bother you that we can’t even put up a sewage system in our capital city and expand the one the British left us with more than 50 years ago?

That we can’t even have a cemetery and whenever money is allocated to buy land for the same, it ends up in the pockets of a few individuals?

So, it is another five years of mediocrity. We voted with emotions, and tribal inclinations, not with our intellect. See you in 2022 for another round of madness and calls for peace.


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