Drunk texting: Reason why should not text your ex after breakup

Don’t text when drunk
  • There is nothing nearly as mortifying realising you sent a drunk text
  • Being drunk is not an excuse to say all the things you want to your ex

There are plenty of exciting things you can do when drunk. Texting an ex should never be one of them! As far as emotional low points go, drunk texting an ex has to be the rock bottom.

A few years ago, I hit this record low and it still makes me cringe when I think of it. My ex and I had broken up for six months and we had not been in contact for four months.

 Even though I was the one who had walked out on him, I was disconsolate after the breakup. I loved him desperately in spite of him treating me like absolute garbage (I was young, naïve and incredibly stupid).

Anyway, six months on, I was still down in the dumps. It had taken all the self-will I could muster to walk away and stay away, and I was determined to show him that I was much better and was doing just fine without him.

 But it all came tumbling down that fateful Saturday night.

After wallowing in my depression for far too long, I decided it was time to do something about it.

All the articles I had read online on how to get over a break up suggested I needed to get out of the house and meet new people, so I resolved to do just that.

I dragged myself out of bed and in the shower. After getting ready, I headed to a cocktail lounge near my place and ordered a Martini.

 I had been battling the urge to reach out to my ex and common sense had always prevailed, but as I drained my fourth glass, the idea of texting him and getting a few things off my chest didn’t seem so bad.

By the time I finished my fifth glass, I was so far gone that I was no longer myself. I reached for my phone.

My drunk alter ego went ahead to text him things I would never have imagined. First, I called him out for treating me like crap and told him that he never deserved me.

Then I went on to tell him I was so much happier without him, then finished by declaring my undying love and asserting that I would never love any other man as much as I loved him, all that in one breath.

There is nothing nearly as mortifying as waking up in the morning and realising you sent a drunk text that you shouldn’t have.

To make matters worse, I could see he received and read the texts but didn’t bother to reply (I don’t blame him). I threw my phone across the room and broke it and wished that the whole thing was a bad dream that I’d soon wake up from. How was I ever going to come back from this?

Here is my advice on drunk texting an ex; don’t! Being drunk may seem like a good excuse to say all the things we want to (and maybe shouldn’t), but it is not.

Even if you feel like you still love your ex and miss him, these feelings should be handled by the sober you.

If sober you is going to regret the behaviour of drunk you, try to wait out your intoxicated impulses.