I am not GG Kariuki’s son- MP aspirant Ngunjiri Wambugu

GG(left) , who was buried on Friday 14, and Ngunjiri share an uncanny striking physical resemblance and the rumours of a biological link have swirled around

The recent death of Laikipia Senator GG Kariuki resurrected long-buried rumours that he was the biological father to political hopeful Ngunjiri Wambugu, the Jubilee candidate for the Nyeri Town parliamentary seat.

GG, who was buried on Friday 14, and Ngunjiri share an uncanny striking physical resemblance and the rumours of a biological link have swirled around Kamuyu village where Ngunjiri’s parents hail from, since he was born.

His broad smile, nose formation, light complexion and a njarumi

— that toothy gap in his upper teeth

— is a replica of GG, and those who know Wambugu say he is quick-witted, shrewd and a go-getter, just like GG Kariuki.

The resemblance extends even to their facial hair preference, a light moustache and a thin, peppered goatee.

The rumour gained currency after a close confidant of GG claimed that the late senator had voiced his pride that, though he was floored in the Jubilee primaries in April, “One of his son’s (in reference to Wambugu Ngunjiri) had clinched a Jubilee ticket.”

Ngunjiri laughed off the long-standing rumours whose source he said was a domestic feud that has seen the family throwing a cousin, Karigu Mutitu of Democratic Party, to face-off with Ngunjiri for the Nyeri Town seat.

Ngunjiri told The Nairobian that: “I am the son of Reverend Canon Peter Ngunjiri and his wife Grace, and I was born in April 1975, a year after my parents married in 1974. Such allegations are unfounded.” Karigu, Ngunjiri’s cousin, is the son of Nathan Mutitu, who runs Forest Lodge and Bar in Kamuyu village, where he shares a fence in their ancestral land with his brother, Reverend Peter.

But Karigu’s mother, Margaret Wanini denied being related to Wambugu and told The Nairobian that: “I have never heard of nor know the Ngunjiri family. Actually, I only know that he is a candidate vying for the (Nyeri Town parliamentary) seat and I do not wish to be associated with them in anyway.”

She however acknowledged that Karigu is her son. Karigu, on his part, admitted that Ngunjiri is his first cousin and that, “We are friends... we are more than friends. We are first cousins and I cannot discuss whether he is the son of GG because I am not aware of that.”

Wanini is sister to Stella Wairimu, wife of media owner and Taita Taveta County gubernatorial aspirant, Granton Samboja.

The Nairobian has established that Wambugu’s parents married in 1974 and were living and working in Machakos County where Ngunjiri’s mother worked at the Machakos Provincial General Hospital

— while her husband worked at a local bank.

However, in 1977, an incident led to his arrest and landed him in prison for two years. After his release in 1978, the family moved back to Nyeri County.

On GG Kariuki, Ngunjiri Wambugu said: “The late GG was a great leader who had an impressive political career spanning almost a century. He was able to remain relevant in national politics throughout his life.”