Ladies, don’t lose sleep waiting for his text

Here is the thing; the whole texting thing is a non-issue for men

The year is 2017 and the biggest relationship concern is how fast a guy texts you back. I keep seeing these posts on social media about desirable traits of a perfect boyfriend and the one constant in all of them is "he texts back fast" or "he replies to texts immediately".

The astonishing thing is that it is not love-struck teenage girls circulating them. It is grown ass women. Yes, the average millennial woman believes that a man's texting habits should be a determining factor in initiating relationships.

Basically, an unanswered text message is the equivalent of an anxiety attack and spells trouble for a burgeoning relationship.

When did the amount of texts received on average per day or how much time has elapsed in between each text become the yardstick for solidity in a relationship? I think it is ridiculous!

The last thing you should be concerned about in a potential boyfriend is his texting habits. All of the modern women's relationship issues can be summed up in three sentences: He takes long to reply to my text messages. He hasn't texted me in X days. He sends one-line replies.

Their minds then start creating the worst-case scenario possible; He is ignoring on purpose because is not that into me.

I don't understand why text messaging is such an issue for most women. Sure, we are living in an era of smart phones and pretty much everyone keeps his or her phone within arm's reach at all times.

However, women should stop getting offended and jumping to conclusions when a man takes his time to respond to a text.

It doesn't mean he is not into you and is deliberately snubbing you. Here is the thing; the whole texting thing is a non-issue for men. In fact most men are utterly unaware of how intensely their texting habits are being scrutinized.

Most men see texting as nuisance. No man wants to spend all day going back and forth about nonsense. The main complaint among women is that men stop texting as much after a while in the relationship.

Sure in the beginning when the relationship is fresh he texts you frequently because he is trying to win you over.


 After the relationship becomes more established he simply goes back to his normal routine and spending hours texting back and forth is an unnecessary chore. It doesn't mean he has stopped caring. He has a life that isn't completely pivoted around the use of smart phones.

I see girls bragging about how they spend hours on the phone texting with their sweethearts and they act like it that means they have strong and profound relationships when the truth of the matter is it doesn't mean anything.

The only way to measure the depth of a relationship is by the quality of the time you spend with your boyfriend, not the amount of time you send texting each other nonsense throughout the day.

Constant texting is not indicative of a strong and healthy relationship. Before you call out a guy on why he is taking so long to text you back, remember that.