KRA should let women have their sex toys

KRA and those who share their opinion should know that women love and enjoy sex just as much as men, if not more

Sex toys are not only for the only, but for those who are adventurous in the sack as well. In other countries, purchasing a sex toy is not a biggie, yet here, we are quick to condemn women who use sex toys as immoral.

Here’s the thing, next time you hear groans, moans and loud sighs from that suggestive drop-dead gorgeous neighbour next door, don’t jump into conclusion that some hunk is more than just tickling her fancy. The ‘culprit’ could be a pink, studded and buzzing Johnnie.

So, I was no doubt ticked off when I recently bumped into the news that KRA had impounded and destroyed sex toys allegedly meant for campus girls and women in Eldoret. Why deprive women of pleasure from harmless toys? According to a KRA official who was handling the matter, and painfully is a woman, the toys are ‘immoral’ and should not be encouraged for use by women.

KRA and those who share their opinion, should know that women love and enjoy sex just as much as men, if not more. Yes, the ideal situation is to get it on with a man. But sometimes, that is boring - same position, same location, heck, same guy! Where is the immorality in spicing up things with a vibrator without the worry of getting knocked up? Dear KRA, if having an orgasm is immoral, then ban sex altogether.

Studies show that 50 per cent of women start using sex toys in their 20s, so it makes sense that the gadgets were destined for campus girls. Apparently, 12 per cent of women use a sex toy at least once a week to masturbate. Sex toys are for everyone, not just lonely single people. They heat up things in the bedroom even for happily married couples.

These adult toys not only help women derive more pleasure from sex, but also help ease some of the self-consciousness women may bring into the bedroom, including insecurities about their bodies. A perfect example is blindfolding men, which some women resort to because that gives them more confidence.

Once they blindfold their lovers, they can do things and say things and become bolder and liberated. A blindfold might be all your timid wife who lies there like a dead cockroach needs to get her straddling you like a cowgirl and do the dirty in a way that blows your mind.

The use of a sex aid to many a woman is a basic sexual need. Men will tell you that getting a woman off is no child’s play. It takes more than humping, thrusting, grinding and sweating to get her to cloud nine. One must also be alive to the fact that getting a woman into an orgasmic spin can make them overlook a man’s empty wallet and unflattering looks.

One study found that 75 per cent of women do not orgasm during sex without the assistance of a toy or manual stimulation. The same study also found that 10 to 15 per cent of women never achieve orgasm at all.

The reasons vary from selfish partners who only care about their own pleasures or the women could be suffering from anorgasmia, a condition that renders it difficult for women to reach orgasm even after ample sexual stimulation. Sex therapists the world over recommend toys like vibrators to change the situation for such women.

Sex toys give more than just pleasure; they have some health benefits. Studies have shown that women who use vibrators are more likely to keep regular gynaecological appointments and experience higher levels of desire, arousal, lubrication and orgasm.

The government surely doesn’t want to punish orgasm deprived women. If anything, tax on sex toys should be reduced. Here is to the big ‘O.’