KDF man busted with another man’s wife claims Kenya needs his services more

The accused, Duncan Otieno Juma

A case in which a Kenya Defence Forces soldier was accused of beating up a man whose wife he was sleeping with, failed to take off in court.

The accused, identified as Duncan Otieno Juma, had been accused of beating up businessman George Njoroge who busted him in bed with his wife at their house in Makadara estate.

Juma however appeared in court in crutches on June 12 claiming he was recently ambushed while on a mission and left with serious injuries.

He told the court that the country still needed his services, and went on to table medical records and a letter from his bosses asking him to report to duty despite injuries to his limb and head.

Juma is further accused of damaging a television set and DVD player valued at Sh12,500 while roughing up the complainant during the incident. Njoroge claims he had received intelligence from neighbours who told him that the accused often frequented his house in his absence.

On the material day, he allegedly found Juma in bed with his wife the morning after Christmas. The court has now directed the case to be mentioned on November 20 before full hearing on February since he claimed that he is going for a mission in Somalia until early 2018.