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Kiamaiko goat testicles now spicing up mapenzi

By James Mwangi | Saturday, Jun 17th 2017 at 08:52
In Kiamaiko, goat testicles are now selling as fast as subsidised Mexican unga!

Goat testicles are no longer food for dogs, as many Nairobians turn to the delicacy to spice up their bedroom game.

In Kiamaiko, goat testicles are now selling as fast as subsidised Mexican unga! Similarly, goat gall bladder is a fast-moving part of the animal, as is matumbo.

“Testicles are no longer food for the poor or dogs. They move fast, and by mid-day, you will hardly find any left. They are delicious and people claim they are libido boosters,” Joseph Mwangi, an operator at Kiamaiko told The Nairobian.

Abdu Duba, a butcher at Kiamaiko revealed that goat testicles cost Sh10, but so high is the demand that customers order them in advance. A few others get if for free after buying meat.

Over 1,000 goats are slaughtered in Kiamaiko’s 12 slaughterhouses, and while slaughtering starts by 1am, “you will find full goats by midday, but no testicles or even matumbo,” said Duba.

Eating of testicles is a contested issue across communities, but the claims that it can turn bedroom mice into tigers have made many to break cultural taboos.

Even women are now demanding the maderere ya mbuzi. But among Luos and Luhyas, only men are allowed to eat the testicles, while among the Kalenjin, it is meant for the elderly who have closed business of siring. Among them Kikuyu, goats’ balls are reserved for boys.

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