Mheshimiwa adopted, then kicked me out

An adopted son of a mheshimiwa is accusing her of ‘wasting his childhood’ after he was thrown out of her home.

Shaahidin Rajab, 20, says he was adopted by former Culture and Heritage assistant minister Marere wa Mwachai from Nairobi’s Mama Fatuma Children’s Home in Eastleigh, and enrolled at Msambweni Primary School from Class One until he sat his KCPE exams.

He says that even the name Shaahidin Rajab was picked for him by his benefactor. His first name was that of the politician’s father while his surname is Marere’s clan name.

But the former MP for Msambweni has denied allegations of mistreating and dumping Shaahidin, arguing that her adopted son was a “problem child.”

Shaahidin says he lived in the former MP’s home where life was not a bed of roses as he was made to work like a servant. “I used to work in the shamba from six in the morning and my breakfast would be served in the afternoon,” he claims, adding that matters came to a head after a quarrel with his 27-year-old stepsister and which was misconstrued as rebellion.

“I was 16 at the time and in Class Seven. Mama simply went cold on me and was determined to throw me out but she had to wait until I cleared my primary education,” claims Shaahidin, adding that the former lawmaker is the only parent he has ever known and he feels betrayed because “my real parents would have treated me better and even ensured that my education was supported.”

Marere told The Nairobian on phone that Shaahidin was a problem child who caused her endless problems.

“He kept stealing household items and selling them, but religious leaders advised me to stay with him in spite of it all,” says Marere, adding that he was taken to the cops on several occasions to recover lost items, a charge Shaahidin refutes.

“They were quick to blame me for everything and never once bothered to find out who among the people living in the house was responsible,” he defended himself, adding that he is lost with no education, home or a future to depend on.

“They cannot even issue me with a national ID because I cannot give proof that my parents were Kenyan,” he laments.

After he was kicked out, Shaahidin says he holed up with a relative on the mheshimiwa’s side and since the former MP refused to take him back, he returned to Mama Fatuma Children’s Home, where he tried getting a sponsor for two years without success.

Shaahidin is now concerned about his biological parents whom he separated from and got lost after a church service in Nairobi.

“My younger brother and I were picked by police after boarding the wrong matatu after attending a church service with my parents. I was later placed at Mama Fatuma Children’s Home. I do not know where my brother was taken and have never heard from my parents since,” says Shaahidin.

Marere claims that Shaahidin is being used by her political rivals to tarnish her reputation. “He is even complaining about work when I train all children living under my roof to work on the farm.”