Glue traders now being ‘forced’ to feed chokoras

A group of Nairobi traders are looking for glue peddlers who sell to street children.

The 50 members of Jubilee Super Forces group have been apprehending the peddlers targeting street children and fining them Sh2,000. But that is not all.

All those who are netted are made to contribute towards feeding the chokoras as punishment.

Bernard Wanjohi , 42 a hawker and founder of the group, says many peddlers they arrest opt to contribute towards feeding the chokoras than be handed over to authorities.

“Authorities also don’t take such cases seriously, so if they opt to buy food in exchange for their freedom, we accept, but keep our eyes on them” he says.

“Most of the peddlers are shoe repairers, hardware operators and mature chokoras. We do this for their own sake and our businesses,” says Wanjohi.

The former driver says that;

“The peddlers are sober people who take care of their children, but are taking advantage of vulnerable chokoras. Many of these children don’t know their backgrounds or parents. Most of them have been fathered by touts and watchmen,” says Wanjohi, a father of two.

Wanjohi says the group makes between 15 and 20 arrests in a month.