When Easter was Easter

The long Easter weekend truly took me by surprise, mainly because Easter was the Sunday, not the Friday, and Monday was an official holiday.

I only learned it was a holiday when my son's caretaker did not show up for work. She mumbled something to me the night before and I thought it was the usual, "See you tomorrow Mami."

She knew there was no tomorrow and left before I could negotiate her helping me with taking care of my son, his friend who had been sleeping over that week and my mother-in-law. There was camp drop-offs and pick-ups, promised movie dates and mall visits and of course, the necessary meals.

I was hoping she just went to church that morning and would be back that afternoon. However, the lack of cars on the road told me I would not be seeing her anytime soon.

Easter was a big holiday as a little girl. I was on social media and looking at pics of babies in bunny ears and bubble noses. There were no gimmicks or costumes. We left that to the guy at the mall whose lap we sat on to take holiday photos

— creepy as it was.

Easter was about dress up as far as we could go. Easter Sunday was about showing off your crispy new threads at church. Each year, I hoped mom would allow me to pick the shoes with a little heel making me a little more grown up. Ladies were not respecting the code if you did not have a matching hat to go along with your outfit.

I recently came across a picture of mom on Easter Sunday in 1966. I remember the beautiful sunny day perfectly in Queens, New York. I also remember being in the picture wearing a hot pink hat with a matching coat and dress, hot pink tights and black patent leather shoes.

Clearly that is only for my memory because I was cut out of the picture leaving my stylish mom! It was taken in the rectory of my home church. Mommy had on a coloured dress, black handbag that matched her shoes, and a pill box hat and honey, don't forget the gloves!

All of this captured in a diva pose. Observing her all my life, she made it impossible for me not to breathe in her style.