Uhuru promised our grandfather Sh8 million — Family

President Uhuru Kenyatta with the late Thomas Bugi Mwita

The family of Thomas Bugi Mwita who was a close friend of the Kenyattas, wants the president to keep a promise he made to the old man before he died in 2016.

Bugi who once served in the armed forces worked closely with founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta as his aide. He also worked for former President Daniel arap Moi.

Bugi’s close relationship with Uhuru was captured in a photograph taken at State House on June 4, 2015.

After Bugi’s death, Uhuru contributed over Sh2 million to help with the burial plans. But the family now claims that some powerful forces in State House have blocked them from accessing the president to personally thank him and to receive the final present he had promised Bugi.

Evans Mwita, one of Bugi’s grandsons, told The Nairobian that, “My grandfather worked with Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. This is why we have this close relationship. Uhuru referred to Mzee Bugi as ‘father,’ which is a sign of respect. I heard this when I accompanied my grandfather to State House.”

Evans adds that, “Days before the 2013 General Election, my late grandfather gave him (Uhuru) a walking stick as a sign of leadership during our visit. When he won, we visited State House in 2014 and he gave us Sh300,000 as a token of appreciation. My grandfather used the money to pay my school fees”.

Evans claims that in one of their visits to State House, President Uhuru promised to give his grandfather Sh8 million and a house. The old man however died before he could receive the money or the house.

He further claims that Bugi had a direct line to the head of State, but things changed after his death.

He recounts that, “I’ve been making calls and the person who picks the phone introduces himself as the comptroller. One time, he told me that I’m too young to be chasing my grandfather’s fortunes.”

The Nairobian contacted State House comptroller Lawrence Lenayapa who said: “Yes I remember the old man who was in the army. The president did not attend his burial, but he paid his hospital bill and even sent some money for the funeral arrangements. But I’m not aware of anyone being harassed by State House. I will have to investigate that.”