‘Museveni son’ who wanted to buy EPL club is sick abroad

A city court failed to hear a case involving a Ugandan tycoon on grounds that he is admitted to a hospital in Germany.

Micheal Ezra Mulyoowa was accused of obtaining credit amounting to $200,000 (Sh16 million) from a business enterprise by false pretence.

According to one of the witnesses in the case, Ezra allegedly posed as Museveni’s son. Ezra is said to have lured a manager with a Dubai-based company which ended up wiring money to him through an account held by San Space Uganda Limited.

Ezra’s lawyer Eric Mutua, told the court that his client

— who last attended court early this year

— has since March been admitted to a hospital in Germany.

A medical report was produced in court showing that Ezra was indeed sick, and had to undergo heart surgery.

The prosecution had on March 7 applied for a warrant of arrest to be issued against the accused on grounds that he did not seek or obtain court permission to leave the jurisdiction of the court and yet he is a foreigner.

Micheal Ezra Mulyoowa 'MuseveniSon' president yoweri museveni