Baba finished me, claims Ugenya politician Steve Mwanga

"I have no beef with Baba. I am just against everything he stands for"

Where did you get the money to campaign with three choppers every weekend for a year?

My campaign wasn’t about money but the issues affecting Ugenya people. The fact that I was moneyed was just a bonus. I was a 30-year-old taking on the late Bishop Ondiek and James Orengo, both political heavyweights.

How much did you spend?

It’s painful to mention, and I don’t want to dwell on it but it was hundreds of millions. Even current MPs, ten years later, don’t spend a fraction of what I did.

Do you have any beef with Raila?

I have no beef with Baba. I am just against everything he stands for. The first time he noticed me is when I was in Kisumu, with a convoy of 40 SUVS, heading to Ugenya.

I was told that Raila wanted to meet me. He was asking people about me and how I made my money because I was pulling bigger crowds than him. I didn’t know that according to Baba, helping Luos is against his wishes.

Do you talk to Baba?

Baba is not a sincere person. Even after being denied the ODM certificate, I approached him and asked him to contest for an MCA position in a by election, which he didn’t object to, but as I prepared the ground work, the ODM certificate had been given to someone else.

The next day, helicopters with 12 ODM MPs camped for one week in Ugenya, campaigning for an MCA. I joined Jubilee, but the ODM candidate won. That’s when I knew Baba can be beaten. Raila is his own enemy. Look at what is happening in Ugenya. Until now, no one knows who won and by what margin. ODM primaries are just chaotic and leadership rot starts from the top.

What makes you think that you will never work with Baba or ODM

When it comes to the issue of certificates, ODM runs a kiosk. It’s a business they run. The certificates are given to the highest bidder. Ask all ODM MPs. Whether you win or lose, the highest bidder gets the certificate. Peoples’ will isn’t respected in ODM.

What’s your relationship with Uhuru and Ruto?

I knew Ruto way back, almost ten years ago. He is a close friend. Uhuru has always been there for me. When I was broke, and down to my last shilling, they, among other friends like Tuju and others kept me going.

How did you make your money?

I studied finance, and thereafter, started dabbling in business. When I was 27, I made some big money in government tenders and I also had a few friends from abroad who helped with my campaigns.

 Do you regret blowing your money to the point of becoming bankrupt and being auctioned?

Yes, though it never bothers me. I have been auctioned twice. I lost a home in Karen. Between 2007 and 2012 when Raila was Prime Minister, I never won a single government tender. Road blocks were put in my path and I don’t blame anyone.

If you are nominated for Eala. Why do you think you are the best candidate for that seat?

EALA has never been active. People who go there have never been active, and most are retirees. We respect old age because it comes with wisdom and experience, but right now, what we need is young blood at the regional parliament.

Uganda and Tanzania representatives are young and bubbly, Kenya has to do the same, and I am the man for the job. My focus will be on regional integration and opening trade opportunities for Kenya within Eala member states. My focus is to sponsor bills that will shore up Kenya’s regional purchasing power at Eala.

What’s your anchor in life? What keeps you going?

My daughter. She is a 19-year-old and very sharp young woman who I am very proud of and can do anything for. She recently won a presidential award for young leaders. She keeps me grounded and focused. I am now back on my feet and can live a reasonably comfortable life.