The volleyball factory that churned out stars

Janet Wanja went to Mukumu

A critical look at Kenya’s women volleyball landscape reveals that Mukumu Girls High School in Western part of the country has been the conveyor belt of the fine talents that have gone ahead to make an impression in the game.

In fact, Mukumu Girls is to volleyball what Kakamega High School is to football. Interestingly, these two schools are located in the same radius in the former western province.

Kakamega Boys through their famed Green Commandoes team have dominated football in national school games, while in the same token, Mukumu Girls ran the rule in volleyball, nurturing and scouting the best of talents. Talk of the Janet Wanja, Triza Atuka, Asha Makuto, Judith Serenge and even the current Kenya Pipeline assistant coach Margaret Indakala, then you realise they all have a common denominator – they learnt their art at Mukumu Girls.

Wanja, who was part of the team’s squad that won honours between 2000 and 2004 talks highly of the school.

“The reason as to why the school does well in volleyball and has produced some top talents is because they take sports seriously,” she says with a broad smile adding: “There are trained coaches who take their time to impart skills and this helped shape our talents.”

Wanja offers that the school grants scholarships to outstanding talent and this, in a way, encourages the girls to take sports seriously.

“Someone like me and Asha (Makuto) never paid a single cent in school fee because we benefited from the scholarship. It is something I’m glad about because it made me whom I am today,” she conlcudes.