From a nursery school teacher to a millionaire

For most guys, if they won Sh10million, the first thing would probably buy a fuel guzzler and a luxurious house, but this is not the case with Racheal Mnyika who confesses she is not about to change her lifestlye. ISHAQ JUMBE caught up with her

You recently won a Sh10 million Lotto jackpot competition... do you feel like a celeb?

I am still the same Rachael Mnyika I used to be before the windfall. But I will not deny that my life has changed to some extent.

Everyone now wants to be my friend! Con men are crawling out of the woodwork every day, some claiming to represent Lotto, while others claiming they have the best deals on property.

 Did you expect to win such amount of money?

 Actually, no. I started playing the game three months ago. My target was to win around Sh150,000. I wanted to enrol for excavator training course.

A pal had hinted that the drivers earn between Sh50,000 and Sh60,000. That was where my heart was. I played Lotto diligently hoping to win so that I could afford the training.

What was your reaction when you learned you had won the jackpot?

Oh boy, I can’t explain the feeling! You see, I was an ECD teacher earning Sh5,000  per month. My partner and I marketed ourselves and to privately teach children at a fee.

We were affordable and that attracted many parents, which also made the job quite a challenge. I am happy that I can now give my two sons the finer things in life, which they lacked after my divorce.

What happened to your hubby?

We parted ways a long time ago, though I still wear my wedding ring. It is a way of keeping off men. 

Have you decided on what you will do with the money?

I have bought business premises and plots, which I plan to develop. I gave my siblings each Sh100,000 to start-up  businesses of their choice.

I also renovated my father’s house. Since I am a Christian, I tithed 10 per cent of the money to the church and set up an education fund for my children.

Do you still keep your old friends?

Some of my friends say that I have changed, but that is expected. My true friends know what has been happening in my life and have no issues.

I have also made many new friends and I still maintain contact with people I care about.