You are not my type: MP Alice Ng'ang'a tells off Kabogo after he claimed that unmarried women should not hold political office

Kabogo and Alice with DP Ruto during a church service in Ruiru Photo: Courtesy

Thika Member of Parliament Alice Ng’ang’a and Governor William Kabogo are at it again. Ng’ang’a, a fierce critic of Kabogo’s administration, was reacting to claims by the governor that she fights and trails him instead of serving the people of Thika.

“The other day Kabogo asked why I am always chasing after him. He should know that he isn’t my type,” she said, adding that Kabogo should stop calling her kamuhiki (young girl).

 Kabogo told a crowd that unmarried women should not be allowed to hold political office.

 “If you are 35 years old and don’t have a husband, there is something wrong with you...We will start demanding that you get married first before you are elected,” Kabogo reportedly said.

Ng’ang’a asked the embattled governor to prepare to go home on April 21 because nomination results will reflect the voice of the people.

Meanwhile, more women from Kiambu County are calling for the governor to apologise for disrespecting them.

“Kabogo must respect women apende asipende. How can a whole governor give us money and tell us to go and buy underpants, afadhali Baba Yao mwenye anarushanga mawe na hatusi watu,” said Alice Ngige, a trader in Kiambu town.

Pastor Patrick Ndungu urged the governor to apologise to women and choose his words wisely.