Did socialite refuse to pay for sex toy?

Socialite Stacy Pendo has refuted claims that she refused to pay for a sex toy.

This is after the owner of G Spot Kenya blasted the socialite on Twitter for failure to pay for her vibrator.

“On April 13, at 9pm, I got a call from Pendo requesting for a dildo to be delivered to her house. I informed her we only do deliveries until 5pm and she will need to pay extra, which she agreed.

The sex toy cost was Sh4,300 and the delivery fee was Sh700. The total came to Sh 5,000. When I arrived at her place, she was not at home and she requested me to leave the package with the security guard, promising to pay me via M-Pesa.

But to date, I am yet to receive the money. I even went back and talked to the caretaker and he confirmed that Pendo lives in the apartments,” said Beverly Munga of G Spot Kenya.

When Heads Up contacted Pendo, she denied the claims, alleging that she has never purchased a sex toy in her life.

“I have never ordered a dildo because I do not need one. Someone is trying to tarnish my name. I have never talked to the said woman,” she insisted.