Pay mpango’s rent arrears, landlady tells Lang'ata MP

Lang’ata Member of Parliament, Joash Olum’s bodyguard is said to have threatened to kill a landlady who demanded rent arrears from a house in which a woman who is claimed to be Olum’s mistress lives in.

The house that was reportedly procured for her by Olum is at Phenom estate in Lang’ata, Nairobi.

The woman in question, Rachel Wangui Maina, has allegedly defaulted on rent for several months despite repeated reminders from the landlady.

The landlady, Anne Ombuna, claims pleas to Rachel to pay the overdue rent have been met with hostility and when she went to inspect the house, the tenant called the Member of Parliament who in turn sent his bodyguard to threaten and intimidate her.

She claims the bodyguard, identified as Muhehe, even barred her from accessing the house to supervise repair works which are ongoing.

Ombuna claims that, “I rented the house to Joash Olum. The house is occupied by a lady called Rachel Wangui Maina. After several pleas to him to pay rent, and taking into account that the property is on loan, I invoked to the terms of agreement...when the bodyguard arrived, he insulted me and told me he will do something I will never forget.

“A group of armed policemen even came to the property, but when I told them it was a row over tenancy, they left. Muhehe then ordered me out of the gate and dared me to make one step past the gate if I am woman enough.

I was scared he was going to shoot me,” she said, adding: “I left in a huff. I didn’t want any drama. Muhehe then ordered the workers who were repairing the roof to get out of the premises.”

The distressed landlady says Wangui is living in her house for free, yet she is paying loans she used to acquire the house.

“My house is also getting damaged by the rains as I am unable to access the house to complete the repairs,” says Ombuna.

She reported the matter to Lang’ata Police Station under OB number 29/05/04/2017.

“This goes to show how common mwananchi can be downtrodden simply because you are powerless. I have received death threats from Muhehe. I sent the MP messages regarding the same but he has not responded or picked my calls,” Ombuna further claims.

Attempts to reach Olum proved futile as he did not pick our calls.