Nosy grandma? This is how you tame her!

Ideally, grandparents make life easier for parents by helping with the kids. They play a big role in the family and can be a great source of help, support and encouragement, especially to new mothers. They have a wealth of experience when it comes to child rearing. But there is a fine line between interfering and helping, and quite a number of modern day grandparents seem to be constantly crossing that line.

Such oldies get a bad rap for interfering, intruding, or undercutting what the parents say because they have an extra bit of leeway with the grandkids. They love doling out unsolicited parenting advise and end up butting heads with the parents. As much as we adore them, here are a few pesky things all mothers wish grandparents would stop.

Giving kids sweets

Even if you have a strict “no sweets” rule in your house, it is pretty much guaranteed that your little ones will come back from grandma’s house all sugared up. No matter how much you caution grandma against giving your children sweets, she will still hand them out when your back is turned. Grandparents love to spoil their grandkids, and giving them sugary treats is one of the ways they show their affection. It can be exasperating for a mother. Go easy with the sweets grandmas!

Disregarding schedules

Some grandparents don’t respect the parent’s schedule. One of the reasons kids love sleeping over at grandma’s house is because they know they can stay up as late as they like. Telling you to have them in bed by eight is not a suggestion! It is the parents who ultimately pay for missed nap times.

Being too lenient with the kids

Grandparents are known for being too permissive. In grandma’s house there are no rules, no curfews, no dress codes, no punishments and no manners. Disrespectful behaviour is laughed off and all the discipline you have instilled in your child can be undone in one afternoon at grandma’s house. It is wrong for grandparents not to enforce parenting rules that are important to the parents when they are babysitting.

Openly criticising your parenting style

Grandparents believe they are experts in taking care of children and that they have years of hindsight that they’re willing to share with you, whether you like it or not. Granted, grandparents have lots of knowledge about parenting but that doesn’t give them the right to criticise your every decision. It is especially frustrating when they question your parenting skills in front of your children. STOP!

When they constantly buy gifts

New toys and other presents every now and then are appreciated. However, if your kids are coming home with new stuff after a few hours with grandma, you have a big problem. Your child is slowly being turned into an entitled brat. Spoiling their grandkids should not mean undermining your authority as a mother.