My friend drunk my beer, then chewed my wife – Businessman

A man accused of assaulting his friend has told court that the complainant slept with his wife.

The suspect identified as Stephen Oduor Sinde was arraigned in court for clobbering his friend Erickson Odhiambo on April 3. The attack, the court heard left Odhiambo nursing serious injuries on his head, chest and back.

Sinde told the court that he had invited Odhiambo over to his house for a drink on the night of April 2. The three, including Oduor’s wife, reportedly drunk until late in the night. After having one too many, Oduor asked Odhiambo to spend the night at his place as it was already late.

Things go out of hand early the next morning after Oduor accused his friend of sleeping with his wife. Oduor accused his friend of taking advantage of his wife’s drunken state to lay her, an accusation Odhiambo vehemently denied.

He however could not explain to Oduor why he was half naked in his house early in the morning. Oduor is said to have hit Odhiambo on the head with a metal bar and injured him.

His attempts to explain why he was half naked fell on deaf ears as the accused picked a kitchen knife which he used to stab the complainant on the head.

Neighbours who heard Odhiambo screaming for help rushed to the scene in time to rescue him and rush him to hospital.

Angered, Oduor is said to have taken the fight to Odhiambo’s house where he allegedly broke the door, windows and other property valued at Sh10,000.

The suspect denied the charges and was set free on Sh10,000 cash bail.

The matter will be heard on July 18.