Oh my gosh, our niece is sexing her aunty’s hubby

Uncle Ted, we’ve got a family problem. My elder sister’s daughter (my niece) is having a thing with my younger sister’s husband (her uncle).

How do I tell my younger sister? She’s too close to this demonic girl.


Patricia, I am disappointed that your sister has no clue. A good wife must be alert. Check her man’s phone, you know, sniff his shirts and turn his pockets inside out for incriminating evidence.

Men are cowards and when they know wife hacheki na mtu, they zip up or ship their welding tools to Somalia.

If you spill the beans, your elder sister will accuse you of spoiling her daughter’s name, while your younger sister will say you want to destroy her marriage because you are jealous of their wonderful home.

Remember it’s not the girl who is demonic. The problem is your randy brother-in-law. Do this. Gather all your sisters, minus his wife, and eight hefty female cousins with short fuse.

Then lure the bugger to a quiet house and beat the crap out of him. It would be really cool if one or all of you broke wind in his face, too. Ati he will go to police? Noo!

He will lie to his wife that he was beaten by gangsters. Twanga mburukenge kabisa!