Dating was sincere, and we never had ‘sponsors’- Joash Dache, CEO Kenya Law Reform Commission

I went to the University of Nairobi Parklands campus to study bachelor in law in 1992.

Then UoN was the only university offering the course. When we joined, we were optimistic in life

— well aware that jobs awaited us. That is not the case today.

I enjoyed Professional Ethics unit which was taught by Prof. Githu Muigai (Current AG), Public International Law also tasted sweet to my understanding.

I however loathed Civil Procedure because it looked too technical to me, I wasn’t convinced I was going to practice it. Of course Githu being a humorous and gravely knowledgeable lecturer was a man I live to adore as the best, followed by PLO Lumumba.

My classmates Justice James Olola of lands and environment court, renowned high court advocate Kibe Mungai and Kisumu presiding Justice David Majanja are unforgettable.

We came from humble background and were jokingly called “The carpenters’ group,” we did group work together, dated and learnt crossing the busy roads in the city together.

Dating was so sincere and “academic” such that most of them ended in successful marriages. I too married my campus crash in the same university. University offered vouchers to go to top city clubs to enjoy foods and drinks.

There was a fad of comrades pulling down sign post and walking with them to hostels to show on which street they drunk. I did not like that, heroic as it was perceived.

Joash graduated with LBB in 1996 from UoN. He has a Masters in International Comparative Law (Monash University –Australia), 2006-2007